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A few weeks ago, I was inspired to start fundraising and volunteering for Barack Obama’s campaign.  With a dedicated group of friends, we worked on putting this exciting benefit together.  I hope you will join us!

BARACK ROCK!  It’ll be a night of fantastic music and comedy.  Check out the flyer for the amazing roster!  Tickets are $40 and all proceeds will be donated to the Obama / Biden campaign.

But there’s more – you can help us hype the hope!

The event also features the OBAMA ROOM, your full-service debate-watching, voter-registering, sign-up-for-volunteering lounge!  Come watch the presidential debate with me and other Obama supporters.  Buy Barack merchandise.  And most importantly, sign up for action right then and there!

If you’ve always wanted to volunteer but just haven’t gotten around to it, now’s your chance. You’ll be able to sign up for a day-trip to Pennsylvania for canvassing in crucial neighborhoods!  Or volunteer to join a phone bank!  As the election nears, the campaign needs your time more than ever.

I suggest purchasing tickets ASAP because they will sell out.  Tickets are available at:

Mercury Lounge Box Office (217 E. Houston St. – corner Ave A & Houston),
Music Hall of Williamsburg Box Office (Saturday only) (66 North 6th St, Williamsburg),
at the door if the show is not already sold out,
and through Ticketmaster if you want to buy it online right now with a surcharge.

I really hope to see you October 7th, feel free contact me if you have any questions.

Together we can make it happen – YES WE CAN.

Hee Jin.


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no debate? wtf?

John McCain, what are you?  Chicken or something?

Or is Andrew Sullivan onto something???

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feed me!

It’s satisfying to know that there are some people out there reading and commenting on my blog (yay!).  It makes me feel like I’m a part of a larger community.  If you read H.J.K. fairly regularly, you should subscribe me!  I use google reader as my aggregator, but there are many many out there to choose from.  You can also click on that orange “Posts” box at the top right corner of this page.  If you don’t use a feed aggregator, you really should – a more efficient way to time waste!

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Vincent Laforet never ceases to impress me! On assignment at the Beijing Olympics, he shot 28,444 files, or 480 gigabytes of images, or “1,777 times per day, 253 frames per hour, or 4.23 images per minute.”  I love that he crunched out the math.

But hey Vincent, some of us are still shooting one sheet of film at a time!  Makes me feel downright antiquated.

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It’s disappointing that Photo Shelter is shutting down their stock photography marketplace.  The press release is here.  Shoot! the Blog has also closed shop, though I’m pleased that Rachel Hulin is continuing to blog elsewhere.

wrote about missing Photo Shelter’s Editorial Boot Camp a while back, and luckily this event, as well as their entire video archive, is available here.  Also Heather Morton Art Buyer interviews Rachel here.

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I’m dusting off the ol’ editorial portfolio, a.k.a. the pleather book.  I spent the last couple weeks updating it with photographs from Minnesota. 

I bought my book from the House of Portfolios a decade ago.  Their website calls the cover “waxskin”, but I’ve always thought of it as pleather.  It’s amazing how well it holds up to time and travel.  I wonder why I was so convinced back then that I had to have one of these things?  Did I equate owning one with being a “professional” photographer?

Most of the editorial work I’ve done resulted from portfolio review meetings where I was able to show (artsy?) 16″ x 20″ prints in a clam-shell box.  It’s a general rule of thumb not to bring editorial-style portfolio books to reviews.  They are not well-received.

But occasionally I get a request from a magazine to send in my book.  A couple weeks ago, an editor from a cool magazine saw my photograph in Kevin Miyazaki’s tinytinygroupshow #6 and called in my portfolio.   And that’s when the pleather comes to the rescue. 

Mine is black, name embossed on front, completely unoriginal.  For me, simplicity is best.  I don’t think a fancy portfolio jazzes up the photographs. 

I’ve been working on the edit and here it is thus far.  I photographed the pages to see if the edit flowed; sometimes it’s easier to “see” the work one-step removed.  Anyway this is a screenshot of the iPhoto edit (you can click on the image to enlarge it):

The first few pages are Fairground.  Then Sandy’s Deli.  Then Red Wing photos sprinkled in with new work and pictures from the Woodstock residency.  The portfolio ends with some tearsheets that are actually scans of magazine pages.

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whew…. for now.

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