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Last week we woke up to a fire three doors down!  10 firetrucks! 100 firemen!

Thankfully no one was hurt.  The building took a beating though.

Then we went to Surprise, NY for the fourth of July.

Surprise is near Climax.  I bought this lime-green panther lamp.  It looks better than it looks.

All photos © Hee Jin Kang 2010

UPDATE: Here’s a youtube link of the fire.  See that green building on the right – that’s us!


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no sleep fridays

© Hee Jin Kang
“No Sleep” is a series of photographs of abandoned mattresses found around New York City, though mostly in Brooklyn. The beds are sometimes seedy and sometimes luminous, pathetic, monolithic and architectural, strange, out-of-place and totally banal. I’m interested in how these beds present all those things we do on them — sleep, dream, make love — and how by dumping them onto the streets of New York, we bring our very private lives out into the light.  More here.

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