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what’s up?

Shiny digital camera purchased – the Panasonic Lumix LX3.  I heart it.  It’s my new walking-around-in-the-neighborhood-and-see-what-I-see machine.

What I’ve been seeing a lot of and photographing recently?  Trash.

Indoors I’ve been fiddling around with Indexhibit, wondering if I should migrate away from my current website design.  It’s an addictive time-gobbler and partially to blame for my blog silence.  You can also blame the hand stands.

Oh, and Twitter too.

A couple new Trash photos:

© Hee Jin Kang 2009

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© David Bergman, www.gigapan.org

Photographer David Bergman has created the coolest photograph of the Inauguration ever!  Go to Gigapan.org now.  You will not be disappointed.   The photograph is made up of 220 images with a final image size of 59,783 X 24,658 pixels or 1,474 megapixels.  That is one seriously big picture.  The zoom function kicks butt.  Puffy, Beyoncé, Denzel!  Clarence Thomas sleeping!  Yo-yo Ma snapping pics!  Mysterious disappearing bodies and misaligned heads!  Photo-nerdish as I am, I was most excited to spot a large-format wooden camera (lower right-hand corner) and standing next to it, Annie Leibovitz!

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You thought you were going to get A LOT of work done today, but guess not.  LIFE magazine’s photo archive has gone live on google – http://images.google.com/hosted/life – and it’s over 10 million photographs, most of which are available to the public for the first time.  Go ahead, whittle the day away poring over the pictures because you can always call it research.

And here’s a tip:  Add “source:life” to any Google image search and search only the LIFE photo archive. For example, photographer source:life eventually leads you to:

Bourke-White helicopter

A wonderful picture of photographer Margaret Bourke-White dangling from a helicopter while on assignment for LIFE in 1951.  Though the photo is also credited to Bourke-White… hmm… now that’s a feat.

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holiday gear

With the holidays fast approaching, I usually get several queries around this time of year over which camera is best to get for a friend’s mom/sibling/significant other/etc.

So friends, the ultimate website for digital cameras can be found at Digital Photography Review.

They even have an extensive Buying Guide.  (Don’t be afraid of it!).

Even traditionalists using large-format (like me) can’t help but drool over some of these digital wonders.  Camera porn from the dpreview website, the sleek and sexy Sigma DP1:


Swoon, swoon! Santa, you reading this?

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Vincent Laforet never ceases to impress me! On assignment at the Beijing Olympics, he shot 28,444 files, or 480 gigabytes of images, or “1,777 times per day, 253 frames per hour, or 4.23 images per minute.”  I love that he crunched out the math.

But hey Vincent, some of us are still shooting one sheet of film at a time!  Makes me feel downright antiquated.

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Kevin J. Miyazaki launched the 6th installment of tinytinygroupshow on his blog today, based on the theme “Simultaneous.” 11 photographers were instructed to take a picture at noon Central time on August 17th. Check it out.

Photographers included in this endeavor:

Andrew Hetherington
Hee Jin Kang
Liz Kuball
Andrew Phelps
Kirby Pilcher
Shawn Records
Jonathan Saunders
Kelly Shimoda
Allison V. Smith
Amy Stein
Sonja Thomsen

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Some snapshots from my visit to the Minnesota State Fair. We ate pecan-covered cinnamon rolls, pronto pups on a stick and cheese curds – delicious!

All photographs © Hee Jin Kang 2008

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