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h.j.k. has moved

We have a new home: http://www.heejinkang.com/blog/

It’s bigger, brighter, better.  So please update your links and what-not.



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Last week we woke up to a fire three doors down!  10 firetrucks! 100 firemen!

Thankfully no one was hurt.  The building took a beating though.

Then we went to Surprise, NY for the fourth of July.

Surprise is near Climax.  I bought this lime-green panther lamp.  It looks better than it looks.

All photos © Hee Jin Kang 2010

UPDATE: Here’s a youtube link of the fire.  See that green building on the right – that’s us!

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world cup ogling

I’ve been terribly busy watching all the hot men run around in South Africa. Had intended to post a nice photo of shirtless Steven Gerrard but England played absolutely disgracefully today. So here’s heroic Langdon Donovan instead.

(Photo by lbshopgirl on flickr)

Jezebel inspired me with these. Lusty.

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stone barns

F. and I were lucky enough to celebrate our anniversary at Blue Hill Stone Barns last weekend (thank you EDOW!)

The 8-course “farmer’s feast” started with a glass of bubbly (“from chef Barber, for your anniversary”) and lasted four and a half hours.  Epic. Decadent. Exhausting. Amazing.

Bonus fun: on Sunday morning, we went back to Stone Barns to visit its Center for Food and Agriculture.  Said hello to the happy pigs, chickens, sheep and geese.

My advice when you go:  stay overnight and drive back to the city the next day real slow. Stone Barns is less than 45 minutes by car and you want to stretch out that feeling of being away for as long as possible.

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i miss spring

© Hee Jin Kang

Winter, I’m waving my white flag.

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short track

Photo by Chang W. Lee/The New York Times

Ah, my favorite Winter Olympics sport: short track speed skating. I am Korean, after all.

Above, you can practically hear all of Korea screaming in disbelief (ai gu!) – just a few seconds shy of a 3-medal sweep in the Mens’ 1,500-meter, Korean skater #2 skids out, knocking himself and Korean #3 out of the race. Americans Apolo Anton Ohno and J. R. Celski win silver and bronze. Korean Lee Jung-su takes the gold. It was crazy watching it live.

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