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© Hee Jin Kang

Don’t know why, but I found this very exciting! I must have spring cleaning on the brain.

Tekserve has teamed up with the Lower East Side Ecology Center to offer free electronics recycling this Saturday, April 10th, from 10am-4pm.  Bring all your old electronic crap to 119 West 23rd and you can safely get rid of it. Details here.

There are several more upcoming e-waste recycling dates scheduled throughout the city. Take advantage of them – they don’t happen that often and you can feel pleased with yourself afterward.


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OMG-worthy. If you’ve ever sat for hours with the ol’ healing brush and clone stamp tool (and who hasn’t), Photoshop’s upcoming (when?!) content-aware fill should give you a thrill.

(via John Nack’s blog on Adobe)

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holiday gear

With the holidays fast approaching, I usually get several queries around this time of year over which camera is best to get for a friend’s mom/sibling/significant other/etc.

So friends, the ultimate website for digital cameras can be found at Digital Photography Review.

They even have an extensive Buying Guide.  (Don’t be afraid of it!).

Even traditionalists using large-format (like me) can’t help but drool over some of these digital wonders.  Camera porn from the dpreview website, the sleek and sexy Sigma DP1:


Swoon, swoon! Santa, you reading this?

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my website above

A Photo Editor might be onto something here.

Looks like he’s getting into the photographers’ website design business – watch out liveBooks! – with his new company APhotoFolio.com. At first glance, I must say it appears promising.

When I want/need to update my current website, I have to sit down with a designer (currently this talent-laden friend) as he manually updates images, content, and text according to my direction. The entire process is time-consuming, which is why I only update my website once every 6 months or so (I know, how lazy).

I dream of having a cool and efficient back-end admin control panel where I can easily upload images, create new project portfolios, and revise my CV whenever I wish, thereby keeping the website content completely up-to-date and in my control. Imagine it! I suppose if I knew anything about html and flash, I could manage my own website, but alas I don’t.

(Side note: part of why I love wordpress.com is its simplicity – so easy to add images and write entries, it’s almost dangerous…)

Last year, I briefly toyed with the idea of signing up with liveBooks, but balked at the price. The fully customizable “unlimited” package costs $3,200 plus $90 annual fee. Seems like a lot. But more importantly, I really didn’t like those scroll-down menus on the top navigation bar. When I spoke to a (very nice) rep from liveBooks about having scrolling menus on a side panel (rather than along the top), he said that was one design element that couldn’t be changed. And the nail in the coffin: their client examples often seemed to load s l o w l y . . . maybe I was looking at them at peak traffic hours (2am on a Tuesday?) but still.

APhotoFolio.com only has 2 designs so far, and I must admit that I like their Brooklyn template quite a bit – it’s similar to my website with lots of white and a simple layout. And scroll-down menus on the side. The one-time set-up fee is a thousand bucks, but there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee! How fun!

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© NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona

This is a photograph of the Phoenix Lander with its solar panels deployed on the Mars surface this Sunday. Many more interesting photographs of the Phoenix Mars Lander can be found on the NASA website here.

I was so busy trying to enjoy the sun over the weekend that I forgot all about this mission to our planetary neighbor. Doesn’t the Lander look like a fuzzy little blue fly?

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This is something I’ve been meaning to do for ages – copyright my photographs register my copyrights.  Luckily, I found The Photo Attorney and her site is chock full of useful information. And apparently the whole copyrighting registration process has gone online. So now I have no more excuses.

Here’s the link to the US Copyright Office.

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