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© Hee Jin Kang (Dad’s 80s TV and map of Korea, 2009)

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© Hee Jin Kang 2009

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on vhs

VHS tapes discovered this weekend after a bout of spring cleaning:

    *Truffaut’s Stolen Kisses (recorded off PBS 20 years ago and missing the first 10 seconds of the opening credits)
    *Godard’s Breathless (again taped off PBS) followed by an unidentified police drama
    *my piano recital at Steinway Hall circa 1992
    *an episode of Oprah (not sure which one – it’s labeled “Oprah $$”)
    *four Bryan Kest yoga videos
    *a sealed AM/PM Rodney Yee yoga video
    *my appearance on Art Works, an art news show in England, during my MFA degree show (my accent is a strange amalgam of pseudo-English and New Yorker)

A more thorough spring cleaning would have unearthed a pile of cassette tapes (on a scale of 1 to 10, how mean is it to throw away ex-boyfriends’ mixed tapes with handmade covers?),  floppy disks and even a stash of Zip disks.

Obsolescence sure takes up a lot of space.

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Several good opportunities for showing work and/or winning cold hard cash have their deadlines coming up:

New York Photo Awards 2009

Nymphoto Group Show

Women In Photography Project Grant

Hey, Hot Shot! 2009

Good luck y’alls.

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more trashed




© Hee Jin Kang 2008

This series is making more sense to me… will try to formulate in words soon.

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side bends?

© Hee Jin Kang, Dad’s exercises 2009

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what’s up?

Shiny digital camera purchased – the Panasonic Lumix LX3.  I heart it.  It’s my new walking-around-in-the-neighborhood-and-see-what-I-see machine.

What I’ve been seeing a lot of and photographing recently?  Trash.

Indoors I’ve been fiddling around with Indexhibit, wondering if I should migrate away from my current website design.  It’s an addictive time-gobbler and partially to blame for my blog silence.  You can also blame the hand stands.

Oh, and Twitter too.

A couple new Trash photos:

© Hee Jin Kang 2009

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